Idaho Powwow & Other Tales from the Slipstream*

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Idaho Powwow & Other Tales - Front & Back covers

Idaho Powwow & Other Tales from the Slipstream is a collection of eight (8) Science Fiction, Slipstream, Horror and Human Interest short stories that explore the human condition and some of the difficult challenges that plague our societies: loneliness, illness, genetic experimentation, gender wars, totalitarianism, in-situ survival on other planets, and codependency recovery.

Taglines & Short Story Synopses:

1.Penumbria — Abandoned in this world, he seeks another to call home. Having lost everything, a fellow seeks to return to the only place on Earth he considers home.
cozy tavern in story Penumbria by Axel Martinsen
2.Kabob — Forever winter and far from home, love will keep them together. Two humartian lovers visit Earth for a life-saving procedure. In order to return home to Mars, they must make a dangerous trip to the Earth launch site.Kabob jumping a crevasse - short story
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3.Momewraths — Manxome foes, outgrabing... A creative guy builds an invention and fate deals him a horrific blow.
Joshua Tree sunset and airborne Gimbal-2 wind-generator in short story Momewraths by Axel Martinsen
4.Conehead — Certainly, first offer honey to a canker blossom but, should that fail, launch the beehive. In 2046 a male and female astronaut aboard the second International Space Station can't get along so each conspires to destroy the other.Second International Space Station as depicted in the short story Conehead by Axel Martinsen
5.The Lady or the Hormacanth? — By the auguries of rooks in parliament, love can still be found despite the death dealers that abound. Set on a distant exoplanet, a man who has given up on women in his colony nevertheless finds love where he least expects it.Lady Jalla on her aerobike in The Lady or the Hormacanth by Axel Martinsen
6.Return From Earth — When something feels off, don't blame the off-worlder! An alien cybernetic super being returns home after visiting Earth and learns he must lie about his discoveries — or else!Pirotto, the cybernetic organism, in short story Return From Earth by Axel Martinsen
7.Balancer — Comment te dire adieu? (How to tell you good-bye?) Two young adult humartians meet and fall in love — she's an ace test pilot and he's a calibration technician studying to become an engineer who has been requisitioned to work on the flight test mission of the experimental "article", the Balancer. The demands of their respective professions soon separate them. So, boy has met girl, then boy loses girl. Now the question is: Does boy replevin (rediscover) girl?!Chrysty Beryllium and The Balancer by Axel Martinsen
8.Idaho Powwow — All for one, and fun for all! Four men are weathering tough life situations. Every quarter they meet up in their own special support group. Two of the buddies have a surreal camping adventure in the Idaho wilderness.Los Quatro Amigos in Idaho Powwow by Axel Martinsen