Deep Divers

Axel Martinsen is currently working on the hot new story Deep Divers that will amaze you!

Jey Gallium and Chrysty Beryllium are two humartianTM lovers on Mars 500 years from now. She’s an ace test pilot and he’s a calibration technician studying to become an engineer. Jey was requisitioned to work on the flight test of the experimental “article” — the Balancer spacecraft. The demands of their respective professions soon separate them. So, the lucky boy has met the girl of his dreams, but then the boy loses the girl. The question now is: Does boy replevin (rediscover) girl?! Meanwhile, an evil humartianTM seeks to subjugate, enslave and bend all the Martian citizens to his will. The usurper has a special grudge against Jey Gallium and has put out a kill order against him. This begs the next question… Can Jey Gallium evade assassination? Take a cruise into the slipstream and find out what happens in DEEP DIVERS!

Chrysty Beryllium and The Balancer spacecraft — Chrysty is an ace test pilot, the girlfriend to Jey Gallium, and they are both forced to fight for their lives in Deep Divers!
Chrysty Beryllium and The Balancer by Axel Martinsen
Valles Marineris Coat-of-Arms:

"Praeclari in Omnibus" (Latin)
"Excellence in All We Do" (English)
DEEP DIVERS - Valles Marineris coat-of-arms
"Praeteritum, Praesens et Futurum Unum" (Latin)
"The Past, Present, and Future Are One" (English)