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Idaho Powwow & Other Tales from the Slipstream* is a collection of eight (8) short stories told in the Science Fiction, Slipstream* and Horror genres with a special focus on the human condition and spiritual growth. For example, "Idaho Powwow" is about 4 guys in their 40s and 50s who each made severe mistakes in their pasts, which set each one of them back considerably. But, they're intelligent enough to recognize when they need help, and then reach out for it. This foursome form their own private men's support group and once a quarter they drop whatever they're doing and they meet up for a weekend in their own exclusive men's retreat. This story is not science fiction, but it is slipstream because something very surreal happens to two of them during this weekend getaway in Idaho's Hell's Canyon Wilderness Preserve. Another story in this collection is "Kabob" and you can read this science fiction short story posted right here on this site! This gives you an opportunity to checkout Axel Martinsen’s writing style. Just click on Kabob in the menu above to take a look-see. You may also read the Synopses (summaries) for each of the eight stories by selecting the above menu header: Synopses | Idaho Powwow & Other Tales.

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On the Event Horizon:
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DEEP DIVERS - Valles Marineris Coat-of-Arms
Deep Divers is a mind-blowing novel set on Mars five hundred years in the future. This is a story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl – and now the question is: Does boy replevin girl?! You can find the prelude to this novel in the short story “Balancer” which is offered in Idaho Powwow and Other Tales from the Slipstream.


TOTEM by Axel Martinsen
Totem is a tale about a gruesome serial killer who up-levels his self-awareness and undergoes a character transformation for the better. His enlightenment leads him to a surprising redemption which benefits all of mankind!


First Caper

Aston Martinsheen's First Caper is a comedy-action-adventure which stars a swash-buckling wanna-be space cowboy who hungers to make money selling items of value to the U.S. Government. But, Aston has to first make a name for himself so he starts small and launches himself selling vintage cars. This tale will remind you a bit of The Fast and the Furious and also Transporter... except that Aston is shipping fully restored classic American muscle cars overseas. Aston's misadventures begin when he unwittingly gets embroiled in the nefarious affairs of a drug dealer who is likewise shipping his wares overseas.Javelin classic